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     May 3, 2019      #52-123 PB1

Nature Nut: White-tinged critters not an unusual

By Greg Munson

The high water made it easy to launch the kayaks at the bottom of the “duckshack” steps, at least 2 feet above the top of the dock. I was there the day before Easter with daughter Erin and grandkids Scarlett and Evan. The three of them were in the bright orange two-person Pelican kayak, and I was in the little white solo eight-footer.

Heading along the shore in the calm-looking floodwaters that blanketed the backwaters, we were a couple miles from the main channel of the mighty Mississippi, which was still receiving snowmelt from up north, along with recent rains. But the further we got from the duckshack, the more we could ...

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