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     May 3, 2019      #83-123 PB1

911 call, surveillance footage shown in Weiss

By Emily Cutts

“There has been a man who was shot. I need an ambulance and police unit.”

Those were the first words jurors heard from Alexander Weiss Thursday in the third day of his trial for second-degree murder in Olmsted County District Court.

Weiss, 26, has pleaded not guilty to the charge, in connection with a Jan. 14, 2018, confrontation between Weiss and Muhammed Rahim that ensued after a minor automobile crash between Weiss' Subaru and the Chevrolet Cavalier Rahim was driving. Weiss claims that he acted in self-defense.

Opening statements in the trial were delivered by Chief Deputy Olmsted County Attorney Eric Woodford ...

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Emily Cutts