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     May 15, 2019      #41-135 PB1
Kyle Sim, left, and his father, Richard Sim, of Rochester, load a truck with compost for gardening and flower pots on Friday. The Olmsted County compost site in Rochester takes in much more material than goes out as compost.

Andrew Link / alink@postbulletin.com

County touts benefits of compost 

By Randy Petersen

Don Baltes said he tops off his garden each year with the help of Olmsted County.

Recently, he visited the county’s compost site at 305 Silver Creek Road NE to pick up a few buckets of fresh compost.

“I like to do that yearly, just to freshen it up,” he said, noting the added benefits are getting a bit of exercise and knowing it’s good for the environment.

Nearby, Richard Sim and his son, Kyle, were shoveling compost into the back of a pickup, planning to add the soil to ...

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Randy Petersen